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Mulo Rock Lighthouse

Mulo lighthouse at the entrance to Rogoznica waters belongs to the oldest red lanterns in our seas.  Built by the Austro-Hungarian Navy in 1873 at the cliff Mulo north of Ražanj. At that time there worked a several number of lighthouse crew. It was equipped with cranes for timber ships that in storm at sea could find salvation under the lantern. The lighthouse is equiped by engines, 2 berth, slipway and boat storage for the lighthouse. Power 12V DC building is derived from the solar modules, while the water is supplied from their own tanks. In the annals of Rogoznica discovered an unusual marine disasters that occurred exactly at the cliffs of Mula. A cargo ship full of citrus fruit in early 70th years because of the storm ran aground on the lanterns. Eyewitnesses claim that the market in Sibenik, Rogoznica and Split months were supplied by oranges taken from the sea. With the last lighthouse keepers are gone, the legends were gone too. . Today the lighthouse is automated and incorporated into the remote control. Ps. Its around 4.5 km away from Ražanj and Rogoznica and its connected with Taxi boat every day.

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