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Punta Planka Church

Rt board / Punta Planka/Church:

Is for navigation dangerous point of the peninsula, which in antiquity was called Hyllus Peninsula, a promontory promunturium Diomedis.

According to legend, a saint, bishop of Trogir in 1062. saved shipwrecked sailors by walking on the sea.

In gratitude to him in year 1332. sailor Buble Maroje built a church of approximately 10 meters from the sea on a cliff with dimensions  7, 30 x 5.75. height of 3.90 and wall thickness 1 m.

The building rectangular floor plan and the lower half round apse ceiling has a sharp pointed Gothic characteristics, but the massive flange and articulated side walls have shallow arches between strong pilaster strips that support the ceiling still belongs to the romantic tradition.

The roof is covered with stone slabs. The feast is celebrated 14.november.

From the last houses in bay Stivasnica its exactly 510 meters away. 


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