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{gal}FAUCA{/gal} Rt.Fauca Around 900 meters away from the first beach Rt.Fauca is apparently the island but you could say that this is a natural peninsula, uninhabited rock / hillock which can be reached only on foot over the sharp rocks or boat. From that place you can watch over closely most busiest rute in Adriatic sea wher many ships travel from Dubrovnik to Rijeka,from Split to Zadar. Knowing that its not hard to imagine that between Cape Fauca and Punta Planka is the graveyard of ships at depths of over 100 meters over the last few hundred years. The reason is that this is a place geographically most distant part of the Croatian coast to the open sea, and by that strong winds and currents are common here,so many ships and sailors could not defend from it,which talks story about church on the Punta Planka. And as in history already said,this area was place of the fierce naval battles, and the bottom of the sea in front of Ražanj hides many secrets and tragic destinies.

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